Records of War

SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE I HAVE RENAMED THE DOMAIN THE SITE IS UNDER AND AM WORKING TOWARDS GETTING IT FIXED. TODAY IS FRIDAY 29 MAY, AND HOPE TO HAVE IT BACK UP TONIGHT. ALL LINKS TO THE SITE FROM HERE ARE BROKEN---------Records of War has had extremely good response to our first page put up. This first page The US Marines in Vietnam was uploaded on the 21st of April. It was advertised by sending out 300 e-mails to former Vietnam era Marines, and within 4 days the numbers were 8,583 visitors and 14,800 page views, and has continued through the writing of this on 5 May at a level of 4,000 - 12,000 page views a day. The word is spreading. I have since added a link for maps, will be adding 'zoomified' maps of I Corps initially, eventually all of South Vietnam. I have started working at the DMZ and am working my way south.


I will be adding Army, Navy, & , Air Force records as I can mine the TTU site to find them. Initially these pages will be built with the Bud Harton Collection at TTU, and then expanded.


I have started working on The US Marines in Korea, but need to acquire many of the records yet. This collection will also have maps, and will link to whatever documents I can find to help expand that collection.


I have hopes of expanding to WWI, WWII and beyond as records become available, or I can find them. Please check back periodically to see what has been added.


My goal is to try to build a 'one site' solution to accessing, our military history as it was described by those tasked to record it, not second, or third hand accounts consolidated from other second and third hand accounts. The history of Americas wars directly from those very individuals that made that history.



About the records you are accessing here.

For the Vietnam War Collection, the primary source of the documents is the Texas Tech University Virtual Vietnam Archive. Most reports, and the down loadable maps come directly out of their site when you access them here. The Marine Corps documents were scanned by the Gray Research Center, at the Marine Corps University. The initial documents for the Army, Navy, & Air Force will be accessed through the Bud Hardon Collection at the Virtual Vietnam Archive.


The Korean War Collection, as of now is based on the records from the Gray Research Center at the Marine Corps University. Like I said above, I have many, but not all of the documents. The maps in this collection will be accessed through the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection, at the University of Texas, Austin.


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